Clients' Testimonials

Comments heard direct from the source.

Michelle Kreutzer

IOM, Executive Director PAACC

"Honeycomb is a reliable and proficient resource to support businesses. I have found Adrienne to be extremely professional, easy to work with & very knowledgeable when it comes to defining processes.

As a project, Adrienne refined an guide for instructing our new members through the process to set up their company's profile and website listing. This guide also serves as a 'How to...' reference for editing and continuing updates."

"For the last seventeen years, Adrienne has been a professional colleague of mine. She is well accomplished and widely respected for her work in sustainable city planning. Her services include messaging of often complex topics. I engaged her recently to create a PowerPoint presentation that included multiple slide deck options that I used as a case study tool for my course at Harvard University as well as professional conferences. Her slide deck was visually concise and highlighted key messages. Adrienne also provided proofreading and editing recommendations to the Word document. Adrienne provided me with the professional guidance I needed to be successful in my quest to sharing research information. Her work ethic is impeccable and I highly recommend her."

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