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Established Businesses

You need not pay employees (hourly or salaried staff) to get the work done.

Focus only on what is needed, when it is needed, for significantly less cost and more value than the competition. Guaranteed.

New Businesses Owners

Starting a new busi-ness is busy-enough, best to not to waste valuable time bogged down in the minutiae. Instead, choose to allocate many tasks to Honeycomb. A trusted source, I bring experience to tackle projects at your pace.

Having started this as a new business myself in 2020,

(during our historic economic shut-down, while government offices closed, businesses were uncertain about staffing, and unemployment records soared)

Honeycomb not only survived but thrived. Here we strive to continually grow, reaching and surpassing expectations.

I will help your business thrive too.

Soon-to-be U.S. Citizens

Navigating the waters with the intention to achieve legal citizenship of the United States can be daunting.

Tip #ONE: do not "lose sight" while envisioning what is yet to come, keep focused on the horizon ahead.

Tip #TWO: Recognize there are many tools available to help along your journey.

I know about this from personal experience and can describe some insights and provide tools as needed to assist the course upon which you can confidentially succeed in legally obtaining U.S. citizenship.

Students / Researchers

Designing presentations, creating slide decks that will wow your audience, and editing documents you have written but are yet in need of a second "set of eyes" with meaningful review and input for improvement ....are my specialty.

All-nighters need no longer to be in your future to complete the tasks at hand. I will step in as needed for refinement (and assurance) so you can breathe and press on with whatever comes next : )


My assistance is special tailored one-of-a-kind for you,

as needed to successfully complete the tasks as you request to achieve completion of your project.